You don’t have to parent alone.

We are here to help.

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It’s time to stop struggling.

You didn't start your family thinking there would be this many difficulties. You dreamed of closeness, warmth, a chance to enrich your life. You didn't expect that those amazing baby days and cuddles would evolve into tantrums, fights, and refusals to put on shoes. Who knew your little one could get into so much trouble at preschool? The problems seem so simple; why aren't your go-to strategies working?!

Something has to change.

You don't have to go it alone. We started Houston Family Therapy Associates to support little kids and the people who love them. We know that every family has strengths and we know how to shine a light on them--and help you find a way to peace.

Maybe you need strategies you can use right away and the comfort of knowing you're not alone that you’ll find in our group parent classes. You may want to fine tune your approach in individual parent coaching. Your child might need the help that play therapy can provide, or maybe you wish there was a way for your whole family, including your little kids, to work together. We're here to help you find the right thing.

We're experts in play therapy. While adults talk through things, kids make sense (and progress) by playing. How can "just" playing work? We let children make their way with us beside them, accepting who they are and helping them express and understand their feelings--all through play and activities.


Support that Works


Step 1: We start where you are

We will meet with you and cover what your struggles are and understand what you really want to change in your family, with your parenting and with your child.

Step 2: We help the whole family

We meet with your child on their own, talk with you privately so you can be open about your fears, frustrations, hopes & dreams.

Step 3: We get you back on track

We aren’t interested in you being here forever. We want you to find your way back to the family life you dreamed about.

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Meet the Team


Sherri Carr, MSW Intern


Every child is inspiring and sometimes they need help navigating relationships and the challenges they face. They need someone who will bring out their strengths, give them ways to communicate while building their confidence and understanding of the world around them.

When kids' behavior is "bad," they are showing us that they need support. The tantrums, limit-testing, crying, behavior difficulties at school, regressions--they're challenging for us as parents and teachers AND they give us insight as to where we can jump in to make things better.

I help children become their best selves through play therapy and I help give their parents the confidence to continue that legacy long after therapy is done. I know how difficult parenting can be and have real tools you can use immediately to make a difference for your family.

I am pursuing my MSW degree through Our Lady of the Lake University. I am honored to be working under the supervision of Lynn McLean LCSW-S and Registered Play Therapist-Supervisor at Houston Family Therapy Associates.

"When I approach a child, he inspires in me two sentiments - tenderness for what he is and respect for what he may become." - Louis Pasteur, French chemist and microbiologist

Lynn MClean, LCSW-S, RPT-S


You know things could be better for your family. You know that life can be full of joy and peace, instead of stress about your kids’ lost homework assignments, their problems with friends, and arguments about their socks. It can feel like you’re the only family who’s struggling, like you’re the only parents who don’t have perfectly-behaved and well-adjusted children.

You’re just not sure how to fix things. I can help you know the next step you should take.

I became a therapist because I wanted my work to focus on the most important things in life: family relationships and who we are as children.

Kids I see

  • are puzzles—they don’t fit neatly into any category we’re used to

  • aren’t making friends or enjoying activities

  • act in ways that are the exact opposite of what they’re trying to convey

  • are figuring out how to adjust to trauma, abuse, parents’ relationship problems

Parents I coach

  • dread the next email or phone call from school

  • have tried everything, including all “helpful” ideas and suggestions

  • want a limit-setting approach that works

  • know in their heart that their family or child needs help

I listen to what you know about your child, gather as much information about them as I can, and recommend the services I believe will help. Children who struggle to regulate their behavior face frustration with peers, teachers, and family members.  I work with parents, teachers, and all members of the treatment team to understand each child as fully as possible.  If we're all pulling together, we can accomplish the best for each child!

 My master’s in social work is from the University of Houston. I started my career at Texas Children’s Hospital. Opening my own practice in 2004 gave me the opportunity to focus 100% on children and families and I chose to specialize in play therapy, becoming certified through the Association of Play Therapy as a Registered Play Therapist-Supervisor in 2015.

I work with children who have experienced trauma and abuse, who have been adopted, and who are suffering loss. I welcome and accept lesbian and gay parents, gender variant children, and other non-traditional family configurations, including families by choice and community. I offer play therapy training, supervision, and consultation to other professionals who serve children & families.

I’m a long-time Houstonian and love our city’s spirit of inclusion and community. It’s been a wonderful place to live, explore, and raise a family and business. I’m a straight-shooter who works really hard to practice what I teach. My amazing husband and now big kids are stars in my stories of real-life family trial and error!