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Before you take your child to play therapy - What parents should know

Is Child Therapy What You Need?

School has started and you are beginning to wonder if you child needs play therapy. Reports are coming home and teachers are sharing their concerns.  But before you jump into play therapy, here are some things you should know. 

Parents feel stressed

Back to school means stress goes up. Schedules are tighter, homework starts up, and tempers get short. It’s no coincidence that kids and parents can feel like they’re clashing. Adding to that stress a few weeks into the school year is that sinking feeling the honeymoon is over with this year’s teacher--your child is bringing home more problem behavior reports than good grades. The school is pressuring you to (fill in the blank) “talk to your child,” “ask what’s going on at school,” “put some consequences into place,” and “remind your child to make good choices.” You feel like you have all of the responsibility and none of the control.

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